Monday, May 07, 2007

Keep on the Borderlands

When I first heard of the adventure, "Keep on the Borderlands," I thought the "keep" part was a verb. The players had to keep on the borderlands, whatever the "borderlands" were.

This impression was compounded by what little I knew of the composition of the adventure, that it was easy to retreat. It seemed reasonable that there would be stuff, towns and such, on or near the "borderlands." Or something along those lines.

Now I know better. I know that the "Keep" part is a noun, that it refers to the location of the adventure rather than what the players have to do. I know that the big reason it's important is that, rather than being a huge mega-dungeon, it consisted of several smaller, shallower dungeons. Allowed the players to work at more their own pace. Or so I've been told.

I still think my idea would be an interesting adventure, though.

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  1. Darn garden paths. That's how I read it too, and I think it would be a much better adventure. Especially if the borderlands kept changing places. Maybe if the thing they were bordering shifted. Players would have to constantly figure out where they were supposed to go.