Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Joceyln the cabbage-growing peasant has had a VISION. The slitherous ST. SERPENTOR has come to her IN A DREAM and told her to GO FORTH! and retake THE SNAKE MUSEUM from the fiendish WHITE APES that therein dwell, so that it may be consecrated as a monastery in HIS name. She seeks fearless companions to aid her in this worthy quest, and to share in the TREASURE!

The expedition will take place on Saturday Friday 7pm Eastern / 23:00 UTC (follow the link to the Event Time announcer for times around the world) on Google Plus. I'm playing, Trollsmyth is running. The game is run under the FLAILSNAILS conventions. Jocelyn is a 1st level Labyrinth Lord character built with Stuart Robertson's Paladin subclass. Trollsmyth will be running a bastard version of Moldvay/LL, with his usual house rules. Check out his blog for more details about the world.

EDIT: Trollsmyth informs me that characters above 3rd level will be subject to handicapping, per FLAILSNAILS conventions.