Friday, May 25, 2007

Hooray for Robots!

Operational Digital Device Yearning for Scientific Exploration and Yelling

Get Your Cyborg Name



  2. Ha Ha Ha!

    Last year my college dorm hall was decorated by the two guys in charge of hall spirit and fun activities (standard for freshman halls at Rochester.) They decided that our hall theme was "Dinos and Robos". I don't know how these two things go together and I suspect not a lot of planning went into combining them.

    Aside from crude cut-outs of dinosaurs scotch-taped to the wall, our hall's main decorative characters were robots on pages ripped out of a children's coloring book designed to be a generic rip-off of Transformers.

    Anywho, everyone had their "cyborg name" taped to their door too, next to their name, presumably to be used as a horrible mnemonic for remembering people's names. The words "Artificial Networked Destruction and Rational Exploration Worker" were on my door all year; I think I still have them.

    When you see thirty of these backronyms at once, it becomes obvious that they are computer generated. You can also tell by noticing that the interior decorators had the creative spark of carrots.