Saturday, February 24, 2007

Someday I Will Explain, Maybe

I found an awesome thing. It was hiding in my mind.

I knew it was there, but I didn't know that I knew. Every time I would sit down to do campaign prep, I would get frustrated, and distracted. It was because the awesome thing was hiding, and I could not find it, and I was wasting my time with boring things that were not awesome.

So now I have found the excellent, awesome thing. Many excellent, awesome things. An entire trove of them, an entire tribe of them. The shadings were there, the signs, and for some reason I never put it together. But now I have. And it's awesome.

My mind does funny things sometimes, without my knowing about it. And then I find all the shiny things that it has made, and I am very, very happy. Because it did this while I was going to school, and playing Diablo 2


  1. Yeah, this would have worked a whole lot better if it hadn't just snowed, and we'd actually had the game this week.

    As it stands: Heh heh heh.