Sunday, February 25, 2007

Inspirational Lunacy

We're going to pretend that I actually posted this on time yesterday, instead of today, half an hour late. I got distracted -- first by Diablo 2, then by the Oscars.

Mostly, I blame the snow, and the general irritation that it has caused. Because I didn't get to play D&D today, which means I didn't get to GM, which means I didn't get my weekly fix. And I need that, man. If I'm going to play with people I don't like, I at least need to get the GMing out of my system. I need the outlet. That's something I learned, a while ago. I play better when I'm GMing my own game.

But that's not what I'm writing about, today. Well, I am, but it wasn't my intention. My intention was (and is) to post about this excellent new comic that I found. (Link through Dr. McNinja, if anyone cares.)

Scary Go Round
. I'm only about halfway through the archives, but so far it's been excellent enough to be worth recommending. Even if that first half is the only part worth reading, you should read it, because it's really good. It starts out as a comic about British college students, and turns into this weird, surreal thing that involves robots and architectural disasters and bad science. Mind you, it turns weird pretty quickly, but at least it starts out looking normal.

It's also got wacky inventors. How can you not love a comic with wacky inventors?


  1. "Weekly fix"? Yeah, I kinda feel the same actually.

  2. Why do you label posts "link"?

  3. Mostly because those are the ones that have some kind of content beyond my ramblings. The others tend to be more philosophical, and I'm not sure that people find this interesting. Labeling the ones with links theoretically allows people to skip everything else, although I don't think anyone uses that functionality.

    So the short answer is: it seemed like a good idea at the time, and is now continued out of habit.