Monday, August 01, 2011

Beer caps in my bucket

Most of this is from college (Somewhere in the last four months of college I discovered beer, and not too long after that I got into the habit of filling the fridge with beer snob beer on a regular basis. This is apparently a foolproof strategy for Attracting Boys.) but I've been adding a few caps a month at least since then. Once it fills up I'm going to figure out what to do with them all, and maybe do a more thorough accounting.

Kona Brewing Co.
Woodchuck (not actually beer)
Samuel Adams
Smutty Nose
Legend Ale (?) (It's a unicorn with wheat around it)
Samuel Adams Noble Pils
Blue Moon
Magic Hat
San Francisco Steam Beer ("America's Oldest Brewery")
San Migeul
Left Hand Brewing Company
Kirin Beer
Southern Tier Brewing Company
Bass Ale
Mike's Hard Lemonade (not beer either)
Tsingtao Beer
Bud Light (how the heck did that get in there?)
Sierra Nevada (pale ale... bleah)
Rogue (Dead Guy Ale! Hurray!)
Leinie's Summer Shandy (beer that tastes like lemonade! ... hurray?)
Highland Brewing Company
Xingu (one of the best dark beers I've ever had, *and* it comes in an awesome New World Explorer-looking bottle)
Shock Top
Star Hill (local favorite)


  1. I'm not familiar with the Xingu. Is that a local brew?

  2. Nope. Brazilian! Picked it up at World Market.

  3. I began saving bottle caps from the prodigious number of bottles we consume at games with the original intention of using them as 'oracular devices.'
    Basically, as part of a trick in a dungeon, I'd have the player pick a bottlecap at random and I would interpret the effect on the character.

    They never found that sub-level though and while I may yet reuse the encounter idea, at present I just have buckets and buckets (and buckets!) of bottlecaps.

  4. We drink a lot of Kona Brewing co. Fire rock over here. good stuff

  5. There has got to be a way to use those in a game. Maybe adapt Zak's Consequences of Beer table by draw one out of a bucket?

  6. They might make a good variation on Jeff's Carousing Mishaps table.

  7. Hmmm... good thoughts... especially since there are a lot more of some kinds of caps than others... definitely good for some kind of weighted table, and for weighting a table on-the-fly. Like you could use it to generate random monsters, and take out a cap every time you killed a monster of that variety?

    Aberrant Hive Mind: I haven't had the Fire Rock yet, just the Longboard. I need to try it, though -- I just found out about it through the magic of Total Wines.

  8. So... what's wrong with pale ale?

  9. kaptainvon: Okay, some pale ale's are good -- I love Bass. But a lot of them are just way, way, waaaay to hoppy, and I tend to prefer wheat beers, amber ales, and dark beers anyway.

  10. You collect the caps? I'm collecting bottles, from all the NZ microbreweries I can find. About 60 so far...

    My wife is not that impressed, but they look impressive on the strange space on top of the kitchen cupboards...

    And using random draws for dungeon consequences or character flaws works fine, too. Use them as counters for themed monsters, too.

  11. You need to put Fat Tire on that list. :) The folks at Yuengling might argue with the SF Steam on the brewery part, but Steam's a good beer. I'd also recommend a Hobgoblin, or a Sam Smith's Imperial Stout. Mother's Milk is tasty, too.


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