Sunday, August 15, 2010

Listen to Trollsmyth and Oddysey Chat About Gen Con

Trollsmyth and I have been talking about fiddling with podcasting for a while now, and at Gen Con had a couple of conversations we thought would make an interesting starting point for such a thing. We ended up being too busy with con things to get all the technical details worked out while we were there, but Skype makes such things fairly easy at long distance. If you want our take on Pathfinder, D&D Essentials, the Paizo and WotC booths, the general con vibe, catgirls, and more, you can download the podcast at Mediafire. It's about half an hour long.

Links to stuff we mentioned:
Zak’s RPG Blog II
Roger’s awesome character sheets at Roles, Rules, and Rolls (Not “Rolls, Rules, and Rulings.” Sorry, Roger.)


  1. Could be worse, I could have named my blog "Peter's Peck of Pickled Peppers" ... Thanks for the kudos on the character sheet and I hope my latest posting of it can now be successfully seen.

  2. I like the file name. Odd Troll. It's actually pretty awesome.

  3. Roger the GS: Looks like it. And thanks again for the great game. I still need to do my own recap. Post up some of those quotes at the very least.

    Artemis: Hmm... it does seem to present certain possibilities, doesn't it?