Saturday, March 28, 2009

As You May Already Be Aware . . .

Fight On! and Swords & Wizardry are both up for some kind of contest thing. (Trollsmyth has the full story.) The upshot is: both of storefronts are in the top ten bestsellers on Lulu, and if they get into the top three, there's a cash prize and some publicity. So now is a really good time to go buy yourself some old-school game crap if you've been considering it. And if you've already bought a bunch of old-school game crap, there's some new stuff on both storefronts that you'll want to check out.

EDIT: As M.gunnerQuist says below, this only applies to printed books, not PDFs. Get it right!

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  1. Be sure to buy the print versions. The PDF versions don't count.