Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Now It's Time to Think About Something Else

According to the blog, my period of mild excitement about 4e D&D ended up lasting, at most, 13 months. From the first "hey, this is cool," post to . . .

Right now. Yeah. I am over 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

The period of active, this is the coolest game ever excitement was even shorter. Hard dates puts it between the awesome, tactical craziness of my first session and the realization that all the tension in combat is artificial. Comes to about sixty days. At least it lasted longer than Feng Shui.

It's not like I won't go back to it. Right now I'm seriously thinking about going back to 3rd, after being off of it for most of that 13 month period. Or d20 Modern, which I've been falling back in love with. (First game on the other side of the screen. I'll never get completely over it.) So I will probably play 4th edition again.

But not now. Not while I feel like, to get the most out of it, to get the complete experience, I'd have to buy a bunch of books that I'm just not interested in buying. Not while I'm thinking about just how much I've got invested in 3rd and 3.5 and d20 Modern -- in memory, money and knowledge -- and how much gaming I have left to do with them. And not while I still have a lot to learn from the older editions of the game -- not to mention all the stuff that's not D&D.


  1. lol! I said the same thing, then I had to stat up a 3.5 encounter...I have the scars to prove it :)

    4E made me VERY intolerant of 3E's faults...YMMV.

    That said, d20 future is the SHIT! oh! Try Dragonstar.

  2. I have a copy, but I still haven't used it. Ironic, considering I ran an eight month long science fiction campaign using just d20 Modern, about six months before Future came out.

    Yeah, a lot of the DM side changes in 4e are awesome. If it really bugs me, I may end up creating a hybrid monster/XP/treasure system, but I managed okay with the 3.5/d20 system for seven years so it can't be that bad.

  3. It's not so much that it's BAD. It's more like the new is fundamentally better. In places.

    There will still be a lot of houseruling, and a few things from 3.5 have been kept, alignments - for example.

    Another awesome d20 modern/future campaign can be found at:


    All the resources are free, and there is a TON of development stuff on the wizards/gleemax boards.

    3.5 is AD&D to 4E's D&D. Both good and complete games, but different.

  4. Huh. Cool setting. I'm not looking at running anything space opera-y right now, but that could end up changing my mind . . .

    I wish I'd known about 4E when I was running a lunch-time pick up game in high school. It's a good game.