Friday, June 27, 2008

Minotaurs and Other Creatures

A thread on theRPGsite a while back got me thinking about minotaurs. I noticed on my first read through of the 4e Monster Manual that they had a lot more depth than I'd been expecting, what with a new and improved civilized version. But then my thought was that this gave me the old savage brutal minotaurs with a bonus set of demon cultists.

The mention of non-evil minotaur societies just registered as an interesting dungeon side trek, along the lines of Myconids or Desmodu. But now, after remembering that they (or a retouched version of them) are a major race in World of Warcraft, and that there's some minotaur city thing going on in Thunderspire Labyrinth, I wouldn't be surprised to see a full race write up for them in the second or third Player's Handbook.

I wouldn't be surprised, actually, if most of the races in the back of the Monster Manual got full write ups in future Player's Handbooks, or in campaign books. The Eberron sorginal ones are guaranteed, but goblins and orcs are also important in that setting so I could see something there. Githyanki and Githzerai will show up with psionics, and I'd bet Shadar-kai will get full write-ups when the shadow power source gets more detailed.

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