Thursday, March 13, 2008

Books Are Our Friends, Not Food

Heard about White Wolf's new promotion? You tear out the pages of your D&D 3.5 Player's Handbook, and they give you a copy of Exalted, for free, and a diploma that says you've graduated from the world of "standard fantasy" and "10' by 10' rooms."

This, not surprisingly, has pissed some people off. There's talk on the boards of elitism and failure and what have you. Pisses me off, too, but not because I'm insulted by White Wolf implying that Exalted is "better" than D&D. (Maybe it is. I don't care.)

It pisses me off because they're encouraging people to destroy books. Books! I have a hard time writing in books. And they're trying to get people to tear the pages out? Blasphemy!

I don't play Exalted because the two people who have tried to get me to play it were irritating. I want to hear what's fun about the game, not how much what I'm playing sucks. But honestly, that's neither here nor there. Exalted does look somewhat intriguing, and I'm sure that with the right group, I could have had fun playing it.

But support a company that encourages the destruction of fine printed hardbacks? No way.

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  1. so they're pulling a "Smut for Smut"*

    *some texas college atheist group would give students pornogrpahy in exchange for their bibles, and photo I.D.