Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Thoughts on a Sequel

Make it epic. I've never done epic. Post-twenty, or close to it. That's where my thinking is right now. I may change my mind (and probably will) but it would definitely be different. I have never done epic before, or anything remotely close to it. Highest level I have ever run for is 10.

Though there are reasons why I have never run epic, and why it still might be a bad idea. Epic is hard; there's more to keep track of, more powers to take into account, more stats to keep track of. Combats last longer, and are more complicated.

Of course, I don't plan, at this point, to be running a combat heavy game. There will be some combat--this is Dungeons and Dragons we're talking about, but like the first one, I expect that a great deal of what the players accomplish in this campaign will be accomplished without much combat.


  1. if you look at the combat we did in Is This Fair sessions... it really either had to start at the beginning, or it lasted until the end. remember those velociraptors?

    big fights with cool shit would just make it cooler with bigger shit.

    and if we did it 25, then XP isn't a problem, so then we just have our completely complete characters, and you deal with your 10 epic skeleton golems. on fire.

  2. The non-combat stuff always interests me more than combat does. The last combat in that campaign was interesting because you through a monkey wrench into the gears of battle. A monkey wrench of STORY-RELATED PLOT TWISTS! (dun dun DUN!)

    The more interesting combats were the ones with ties to the story, or to character development (though that may just be me).

    I think if we're too massively overpowered, we won't come up with "clever" plans as much. It was my experience that "clever" plans were a major facet of the last game.