Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Drafts Up The Wazoo

I have 95 un-posted drafts. 95! It's crazy!

A lot of them are just things I thought were funny, and might build a post around at some point. "Kung Pao Squid," that kind of thing. Observational.

Some of them are half-written posts that I will probably never get back to, because the moment has passed. Like how the culture's monster of choice says a lot about the zeitgeist. Or something. It wasn't a very good post; that's why I never finished it.

Occasionally, I will write a full post, complete, and then not post it. Doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. Sometimes I forget about them. Sometimes I'll write it and then think, "Nah. I don't want to put that up."

And sometimes I'll write something and then pull it down later. Which people may or may not notice.

Anyway: lots of drafts.

Really don't have much more to say.

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