Friday, March 16, 2007

Biffy Dunwhite

Best character I ever ran: Biffy Dunwhite.

Biffy was a lot of things. Mad wizard. Follower of Kord. Total yahoo.

Mostly, she was a lot of fun to play. I want to play her again, especially now that I have the Spell Compendium. With all those crazy spells available (I'm thinking scatterspray would be about her style), she'd be awesome on ice.

Not that she wasn't awesome just with the standard PHB array. See, the thing about my characters is that they all end up crazy. They always end up freaking out about mole people, or pitchforks and torches, or trees. I have a tendency to go off on crazy, paranoid rants when I'm roleplaying. Probably has to do with decreased inhibitions, and this is how I see the world all the time, I just can't tell people about it in my normal persona.

That being the case, the beautiful thing about Biffy was that she started out crazy. I made her for a campaign called "KordCon," where we start publish adventures and never finish them. We go on these adventures because we're all followers of Kord and we've gotten together for a "religious" convention.

The first time we did it, I wanted to play a wizard. (Our usual spellcaster was playing a fighter. A dwarven fighter. Named either "Aleboot" or "Axebeard," the other name belonging to the party's (dwarven) cleric. It was just that kind of campaign.)

Now, when we started making our characters, we didn't know that it was going to involve KordCon. We just knew that the adventure was going to be "really stupid," because the GM had gotten it from some contest.

So, following that line of thought, the guy playing the cleric decides to worship Kord. Kord, in this instance, being the "god of hitting things, and drinking." And it kind of snowballed from there.

So I made Biffy. And Biffy was fun-crazy. She hung out with a couple of dwarves, got into fights, liked wacky spells, and mostly managed to avoid the kind of ranting that had plagued my other characters.

I liked her enough that when we ran the second KordCon adventure, I played her again. A couple of other people played different characters--we had a different, human cleric that time. Which is the only one I remember.

Why do I bring all this up? Because I want to play Biffy again. Next time someone runs a D&D campaign, I plan on playing a wizard, and I plan on playing Biffy.

(And because I've missed a couple of days, and I have to write about something.

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  1. I would be more than happy to continue KordCon over the summer. I would also be more than happy to play in an Outlaws sequel, a continuation of Diana's Star Wars game, or really just about anything. In short, I want summer and I want to be back with the old D&D group.