Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Last Question

I like questions. I like coming up with them, I like pondering them, I like bothering people with them. (My parents know that last all too well.) And in my life I've learned that there are two kinds of questions: there are good questions, and there are Great Questions.

Good questions are things that I'd like to know the answer to, i.e., "Do I have any socks left?" or "What is the meaning of life?" They're perfectly good questions, but they're either easily answerable or completely unanswerable, and entirely without consequence. Not quite the stuff of great conversation.

Then there are Great Questions. These are questions that are actually interesting, that you can actually get somewhere thinking about. They may have answers, but the point isn't the answer, it's how you get there.

So why bring this up? Because I have just been introduced to a Truly Great Question: Will It Blend?

This, friends, is a question for the ages. Thousands of years from now, when the internet ur-being is purging its memory banks, it will stumble upon this website and it will trigger a revolution in post-robotic thought. This question will be enshrined for our descendants in the hallowed halls of Awesome, shouted from the mountaintops of True Enlightenment, and end the wars with the mutant bug people.

It's just. That. Awesome.

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