Sunday, September 03, 2006

Yoda Was Wrong!

The Last Angry Young Man

This website is awesome. It's about how people should get angry, and a whole list of things to get angry about. This is cool.

Anger is underrated. People think of it as something that makes people attack each other. That's something that idiots do when they get angry, but it's got nothing to do with anger itself. The idea that humans should maintain a kind of neutral emotionlessness is so bizarre, so counterproductive, it denies the point of emotions. They've been around a long time (main ones, fear and such, are part of the so-called "lizard brain" that mammals borrowed from reptiles because it's JUST THAT AWESOME) and they've been around for reason.

You know what anger really leads to? Anger leads to action. If you're angry about something, you care about it, and if you care about it, you're going to do something about it. Unless you're a spineless twit.

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  1. Anger rocks - it's an evolutionary mechanism that works to enact effective crime prevention. Like, "don't steal stuff, or everyone will get angry and kill you." It's kind of like the police doing that, but everyone is the police, and they don't follow laws and stuff.

    Emotions get a bad rap - they're really useful in facilitating rational thought and action.

    Without frustration, we'd just keep doing the same stupid thing and never accomplishing anything. Without fear, we'd do stupid things and die. Without happiness and sadness, we'd never figure out what we're doing right.

    Even though Yoda looks a bit like a lizard, he was wrong; lizards were right - anger is awesome.