Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What I Want to Run, In No Particular Order

  • something sandbox-y
  • a published module
  • a megadungeon
  • the party is a group of young, bored, reckless nobles who occupy themselves by causing trouble for their elders and their rivals
  • kitchen sink post-apocalyptic: "wizards, dinosaurs, mutants & lasers"
  • the new 4e default world
  • Eberron
  • something really dark ages
  • fantasy Europe -- "Europa" or something of that nature
  • pirates!
  • old west
  • ancient desert ruins
  • steampunk
  • interplanetary sailing ships with that baroque/victorian feel, "aether" and the spinning models of the solar system and everything
  • everyone rides dinosaurs
  • something like the setting in Jak 2, and the parts of 3 that weren't stupid
  • Tamriel (Elder Scrolls setting)
  • dragonriders for the Queen, who lives in an airship
  • Expedition to the Moon!
  • fast cars and the idiots who drive them
  • magic fast cars and the idiots who drive them
  • noble families based on hereditary wizardry
  • 1st-20/30th: the players ascend to godhood and found an empire in the process
  • that same world, 1000 years hence

1 comment:

  1. All of these sound fun, but I want to play:

    Everyone Rides Dinosaurs

    Are any of these settings you'd want to play in?