Wednesday, April 09, 2008

System Obsession

4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons
Star Wars Saga Edition
Mutants & Masterminds
Truth and Justice
Castles & Crusades
Encounter Critical
Forward . . . to Adventure!
Stargate: SG-1 Roleplaying Game
EDIT: Iron Heroes

The games that I currently want to play; this leaves out d20 Modern, 3.X Edition D&D, GURPS 4th Edition, and Risus, because I've already played them, and I'm currently in a new system mood.

There are probably a few more I've forgotten. These are in the order of "estimated likelyhood to play," based on ease of access to materials and interests of potential players. 4th Edition is at the top because I'm absolutely getting the books, and barring natural disaster or mutiny I'm going to be playing at least a couple of sessions of it.

Stargate is at the bottom because it's out of print, and the books on Ebay cost over $60. Otherwise, it would be very close to the top. Curse you, Sony!

Everything else ought to be fairly obvious . . . I know more people who are into Star Wars than superheroes, it's easier to get people to play d20 than weird, newfangled systems, and I don't know many people who share my mostly unrealized fascination with old school gaming.


  1. Pretty nice looking list. Have you played Risus with your current crew? Maybe you can pitch EC as being written by the same dude.

  2. My home group used it for an online game, so I've yet to experience it's true awesomeness. I've suggested EC as an option to them for our summer game, but what I really ought to do is use it with my group here at college. I don't know why I didn't consider that as an option before.