Thursday, May 24, 2007

Catching Up, With Weirdness

Wow. This just kinda dropped off the radar. Things have been happening, I guess, but still. The bastards are gaining on us!

I sort of have an excuse, in that I lost net access over the weekend. (Sort of.) But that still only covers that one weekend, couple of days.

Weird weekend, though. Got me thinking that I might be a net addict. I lose access to it for one weekend, and I get all weird. Interesting weird--I wouldn't quite say "fun," or "enjoyable," but I'd definitely want to repeat the experience--but weird. Vivid dreams in the format of Order of the Stick weird.

Not about OotS. No. Dreams presented in the format of the comic, that specific comic, the art style, the layout.

Same thing--or something similar--used to happen to me back when I watched TV. Only dreamed on the weekends, when I hadn't watched the usual show that day.

Anyway. Spent Monday morning freaking out about it. That was fun. I like having dreams that stick with me like that. I enjoy that half zoned-out kind of feeling. Same thing happened after I played Oblivion.

I don't know if I'm unusual in this. It doesn't happen too often (maybe once in six months, at most) but when it does, for at least a couple of days I'll be zoning out, talking to myself, and writing. I don't notice this behavior in other people, but I don't notice a lot of things.

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  1. Usually when I'm separated from the internet, I'm in a new, weird situation anyway, like on vacation. This past weekend, I had no internet for four days, but I was on planes, at a school orientation, going to another country, and hanging out with my Uncle, his girlfriend, and her daughter.

    I felt very weird the whole weekend, and even for a couple days when I got home. I don't attribute that to the lack of internet though; it was more of "Wow. This is a situation I have never before found myself in." The weekend was a little surreal. I was like, "I know I'm living this, but it doesn't feel real."