Sunday, May 06, 2007


Finally played some Fable, after months of meaning to. It's an interesting game.

Even if Dvorak does cause it to crash. Apparently, it can't handle non-standard keyboard layouts, and it causes crashes in very specific parts of the game. Crashes that involve the character aging prematurely, at random times. It was weird, and very irritating.

The tutorial was not so much fun, either, but that was probably because I had to do it about eight times. Compared to Lionheads other efforts in this area (Black and White 2! The horror!) it was positively divine.

But enough griping. There are lots of aspects of the game that are engaging, interesting, and fun. Like having the townspeople refer to your character as "Piemaster." No other game provides this experience!

One thing that stands out about the game is its strange tendency to wander into the whimsical. One minute, you're getting a Beauty and the Beast-style story time, the next minute you're hearing a guard--who's wearing a baseball cap--tell you about how he only got a "C+ in hostage rescue."

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