Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Stuff You Should Know About

Good stuff happening on the blog-o-sphere lately. But you knew that.
  • If I was willing to deal with fiddly, 3.5-style character abilities again, I'd probably follow Zak S's lead and tie them to specific areas of the campaign world. Cool of an idea as it is, I can't see myself doing that any time soon. Though I do I know I've enjoyed the handful of odd powers that my nixie has, so maybe.
  • JB's got some really interesting observations on poison in Moldvay/Cook. I've got only this to say: Poison should be guaranteed, will-definitely-kill-you death, and shouldn't do it immediately. Got a great moment in the solo game out of something like that.
  • Alexis's ideas on running the "end game" are basically how I'd always assumed that something like that would go down. Or how I hope my DM will run things if I ever get to that point with a campaign. But I'm all about the politics, backstabbing, and deal-making.
  • So it turns out I'm not actually the only old-school-ish college-age gamer blogging right now. Ian of Swashbuckler's Hideout got into roleplaying with AD&D, and Nick Crayon of Lawful Indifferent started out with BECMI, got into 3e for a while, and these days is all about Labyrinth Lord.
  • Roger the GS is working on a color system for D&D magic. It's nifty.
  • Jacquaying the dungeon
  • Help out James Raggi's long-suffering wife! Get a LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing Box Set out of his living room!


  1. It's good to see that I'm not the only one rolling it old-school. It can get tiring to hear old-school grumblers like J. Raggi or the guy from B/X Blackrazor call out everybody who's ever played MMOs or any newer edition and try and pin the "decline of gaming" on us.

    But I digress. :)

  2. Eh, I've always been a fan of more insidious poisons than instant death. For a lot of hunters, it's considerably more advantageous to have a poison not kill it's prey for the simple fact that dead meat spoils. Thats ok, gives me a good blog post later.

    Semi agree with the character abilities/areas thing Zak has, and definetely need to get Jims Box set.

  3. Nick Crayon: Yep. :) Mind, the main reason I don't blame the "decline of gaming" on MMOs is that when I get in that mood I'm more apt to pin the decline of western civilization on the silly things. But I can be grouchy like that.

    Grey: Who said anything about instant? I just mean *guaranteed.* Telling players, "Yep, this is going to kill you if you don't do something about it, have fun" and then watch them freak out trying to fix it in the time they've got left is great. Not that there aren't other uses for poison, of course, since obviously you can't throw that at them all the time. But used judiciously I think that's one of the most interesting scenarios you can get out of poison.

  4. Whoops, that edited wierd. Guaranteed should be in place of instant. It's fun watching players freak out trying to do something within the timeframe, but it's even more fun to have them debilitated enough so that even chumps become serious challenges. Or Hallucegenic or psychotropic poisons.. etc!

  5. I'm more apt to pin the decline of western civilization on the silly things.


  6. Hey, we all have our grumpiness. I like to blame people's obsession with anime and high-octane entertainment instead of more cerebral forms of entertainment, but then again, I game with a guy who's learning to speak japanese and could recommend six different animes on any subject, so what do I know? ;)

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