Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Physical Description?

I'm happy with the system I've got for coming up with NPC names on the fly, but off-hand I don't know of a good random description generator. I need that more than the names, really; my physical descriptions tend to devolve into "he has, um, brown hair," whereas with names I just start naming them after people I know.

Any of you folks know of such a thing? Double-points if it includes sci-fi compatible clothes and so on, but all I really need is a basic physical description. Clothes I can manage. ("He looks fancy.")


  1. My character generators have some physical features, though that isn't their specialty:

    The fashion gen could be used for an individual's clothing styles, too, I suppose.

    Seventh Sanctum has a ton of gens; I can't remember off the top of my head if any have physical descriptions.

  2. Go to and download Chapter 2, part 2 - there's a couple of charts on pages 35-36 that may be what you're looking for (no clothes, but you'll definitely come up with some memorable physical combinations!)

  3. I don't know about any fancy character generators, but I used to keep a couple of People magazines about. Just flip open and random and use whatever person's picture that pops up.

  4. Swordgleam: Those are handy, and I'm always on the lookout for new random generator sites. Thanks!

    Knightsky: Ooh. Arduin. Those are starting to inspire me to make up my own set of tables. Hmm . . .

    Underminer: I hadn't thought of using pictures, but that might be my best solution. Load up a big stack ahead of time in a designated folder, and pull 'em out as needed.