Monday, April 06, 2009

Quick News Blogging Go!

Dave Arneson is in the hospital, and he may not survive the next couple of days. His family asks that no flowers, cards, etc. be sent. They'd like any well-wishes to be posted at this thread so they can pass them along to him.

Wizards of the Coast has banned all sales of their products in PDF. Announced today and it goes into effect today. That includes out-of-print products and editions. Apparently they're worried about piracy. So now the only way to get PDFs is to pirate them. Good job, guys.

I've got Fight On! #1, #2, #3, #4, as well as Swords & Wizardry. (Thank you, Lulu, for not totally borking my order.) I'll be reading them over the next few weeks, and probably post something as well.

Together, this means that it's time to fire up the megadungeon again. I've got a commitment to test it out with a solo run this weekend. All I really need to do to get it expedition ready is rough out a map for Level 2; I can stock it randomly if need be. Best of all: if I print out Sham's Trap Tables, I can do it completely computer free now.

And the I am most definitely not running 4e again this summer. I don't want to be beholden to a company that I can't predict. Too bad, since I was kind of jazzed about trying out some of the stuff in PHB 2. (All divine gnome party for the win!) Most likely it'll be Arcana Evolved instead, but I'm not yet one-hundred-percent committed to the idea.

And as a final note: I'm experimenting with a MWF blogging schedule for the next couple of weeks, to try and smooth out my massive posting binges and droughts.


  1. Best of luck with the megadungeon trial run. Remind me which rules you'll be running it with?

  2. Swords & Wizardry. More or less, anyway. Probably should make that more clear, but I'm kind of starting to think of it all as just D&D with different hats on.

  3. Don't we all? ;)

    The important thing is to make sure the players have all they need. This means they need to know how to roll up a character, how much equipment costs, and which versions of the spells you're going to use. After that, you can pretty much just go wild with whatever happens on your side of the screen.

  4. You might have noticed over the past few days that I've started using the phrase "original editions of D&D" a lot. That's very deliberate. I don't play just 0E, or 1E or Holmes - I play a mish-mash of them, influenced by the retroclones and whatever other resources I find handy or inspiring. With all the hoopla over the term "old school" and marketing and what-not, I think that being very clear about what I like will help people understand my approach and my intent. - from Chgowiz's blog.