Friday, December 12, 2008

Stuff I Still Want to Do With D&D 3.5

The all caster game. Every player runs a cleric, wizard, psion, or similar. Likely using a very decadent, aristocratic setting, where magical ability carries serious political significance. (And perhaps there are lots of angry barbarians out to bring down the pleasure-seeking, slave-holding, demon-worshiping establishment that the PCs happen to belong to?)

The all psionics game. I like psionics, but I've never really gotten a chance to use it. There'd still be fighters and barbarians and so on, but anyone who casts spells would be out, and magic items would be completely replaced by their psionic equivalents.

Tome of Battle, Tome of Magic, and Magic of Incarnum. I have 'em. Never used 'em. 'nuff said.

Gestalt. And maybe a bunch of other house rules from Unearthed Arcana, but this is the main one. This would definitely be an opportunity to use the previous idea, and maybe even the "all caster" bit. I'd just declare that one of the two classes used has to be of that variety.

Iron Heroes. Again, got the book, never used it. I'll probably someday use it for a one-shot or something. I'd consider throwing in some Book of Nine Swords guys, for mechanical variety and possible philosophical conflict. Actually -- a whole game where "those fancy pants fire breathing guys" and "those luddites who think magic items are going to eat them or something" have to team up against a problem both of them hate (say, demon summoning sorcerers or the like) could be pretty cool, in a bad kung fu movie kind of way.

Arcana Evolved. Ran it once, had fun with it, and I'd like to do it again. I'd probably want to make up my own setting, though. And ditch Litorians. Another book I'd consider mixing ToB up with.


  1. Yay! A fellow psionics fan!

    Tome of Battle and Magic of Incarnum = some of the best of 3.5.

  2. That's the feeling I get, reading over them, but I've never used either book in play. Ah, well. Someday.

  3. all caster, why not try WoD Mage?

  4. Mage is indeed on the list, but I've got a bunch of books I've yet to fully use, and everyone in my old D&D group has a lot of d20 itches left unscratched. I'll get to both of 'em eventually.

  5. I have addressed most of these in a recent Campaign Setting / Speculative Fictional world I am designing and hoping to write in. I have an ongoing campaign that incorporates Incarnum, Psionics and Tome of Battle, and have a premise for various efforts including an "All Psionic" Chronicle amongst others. Am incorporating World of Darkness Paths of Morality and Extrapolating for the Vedic Indian Mentality as true "Dharmas" which a character can adopt and be judged by, as well as repurposing Incarnum as a Force of Karma made manifest, not unlike the Force.

    Have instituted a "Karmic Point" System based on this which feeds into Essentia from Incarnum but also acts as Eberron/Star Wars Action or Force Points.

    I think you would definitely like the premise.


    It'd help if I clarified the link is in my name, right?

  7. An Addendum:
    I have a proposed "Fix" for TrueName Magic making it a viable force to stand toe-to-toe with standard Arcane while clarifying its role and niche.

    This has been accomplished through gestalting with alot of the "Alternate Core Classes" and has been my fix for the Following

    (Combine Powers/Spell Lists of the Shaman from Oriental Adventures, Spirit Shaman and Spiritualist from Iron Heroes)

    (Runethane from Arcana Evolved, Add the Illumian Racial characteristics to whichever character/race takes this class, grant bonus feats on a fighter progression that may ONLY be used as Glyph-feats or Naming related, gestalt with the TrueNamer as well as some clarification on "Types" of runes, halve the DC's for buffs, see the link in my name from this post for more. May add further clarifications and streamlining from WoW d20 and potential combination with "Runemaster" class from the same)

    (Gestalt the Dragonlance Mystic Class with the Healer from Miniatures handbook and the World of Warcraft d20 Healer class)

    "Warlord" (3.5 edition version)
    (Gestalt the Dragonlance "Noble" class with the "Marshal" from Miniatures Handbook, allow access to White Raven Style from Tome of Battle on a Crusader Manuever Progression/Initiator level starting at level 5)

    Just a taste of some of the concepts being discussed as my setting does away with a large majority of the standard classes.