Friday, August 01, 2008


So it turns out that "what's the worst that can happen?" is probably a bad question to ask. It was mostly due to procrastination and lack of planning, but in any event -- the adventure didn't get finished.

I will finish it as I get the time and the will, and happily, this practice is 100% officially approved.

In more encouraging news, my friend Maggie is now officially a DM. With all the joy, wonder, and soul-crushing frustration that blessed activity entails.


  1. Don't feel TOO bad, you are still head and shoulders above the adventure I never even wrote!

  2. Thanks, though "didn't get finished" is giving myself too much credit. "Didn't get past the planning stages" is a little more accurate, and "never became an actual priority" would be even better. Lessons for next year, I guess.