Thursday, July 03, 2008

Jar Jar, You're A Genius

Do you read Darths & Droids? Imagine DM of the Rings, Star Wars style, except that the game master in question isn't nearly as much of a jerk.

It's also responsible for the phrase, "Jar Jar, you're a genius," existing on the internet. It's hit #40 on Google trends on its own, through the efforts of spam bots, but --
I think we owe it to the world to sustain and propagate this insanity. So if you haven't done it yet, go to Google and search for "Jar Jar, you're a genius" (with the quotes). Mention the phenomenon in your blog and encourage other people to Google for the term. Make posters proclaiming Jar Jar's genius and stick them up all over town. (If anyone actually does this, send us photos and we'll show them off!)

Having a love of Star Wars, webcomics, this comic in particular, internet shenanigans, and hijinks in general, I agree.

(Internet shenanigans brought to you by Qwerty.)

EDIT: If you're here for the first time, welcome. Though it's not quite as crazy as the game in Darths & Droids, you might be interested in the space adventure game I'm currently running. I've also got a quick and dirty guide on how to start roleplaying, a few notes on putting together a megadungeon, something like a review of Fight On! and a few crazy ideas for Vampire chronicles. And I encourage you to check out the links on my sidebar: there's a whole lot of gaming goodness in the blogs mentioned under "More Words to Read."


  1. lol, i agree. Darths and Droids is hilarious.

  2. What impresses me is that it's done by a bunch of guys (David Morgan-Mar of Irregular Webcomic plus some other colleagues) getting together over lunch hour, and they actually update regularly.

  3. I'm a huge fan of Darths&Droids, so I have to support this crazyness. On my blog I am even trying to propagate the phrase in german, so let's hope it sticks :)

  4. Darths and Droids is probably the best screen capture comics out there and is one of the best comics to portray tabletop gaming as a social experience (rather than just as a series of jokes about the rules).

  5. dude, darths&droids. hilarious as f$^#(sorry about that). love how they portray my favorite past (and present)time of gaming.