Monday, May 05, 2008

WoAdWriMo: Ideas

Yes, it's that time again: WoAdWriMo is nearly upon us. Word is, it is in dire need of hosting. Unfortunately, the best I can do is pass the request along.

I'd really like to participate this year; didn't last time, mostly out of fear of failure. This time, it's a mix of that (there's always some of that) and time issues. It comes right as I'll be frantically learning the 4e rules and trying to run a campaign, but I could get that to work in my favor, if I just write the adventure using material for the campaign. That way it even gets a tiny bit of playtesting.

I've even got some ideas. Possibilities include:

  • the idiocy I've produced so far for ChattyDM's contest
  • my old, weird idea about verbifying Keep on the Borderlands
  • the same idea relating to Keep on the Shadowfell
  • along similar lines: Fall Off the Shadow Keep (stolen)
  • pilfer something from a (new, improved, more sensical) version of my Very First Campaign
  • pilfer something from my most recent campaign
  • use something I came up with thinking about last years WoAdWriMo (most of the good ones are in the contest entry)
  • fix up some of the material from an Iron Heroes one-shot I never ran
  • fix up some material from the one-shot I ran instead

There are probably some more rattling around in my head somewhere.

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