Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quotes VI

"I'm starting to envisage a massive egg-thief campaign here, progressing from birds of prey, to griffins and hypogriffs, to dragons, but don't think I'd ever be able to justify it." noisms

"We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area." Major Mike Shearer, UK military spokesman

"We're not shooting for authenticity here, but awesome-osity." Jeff Rients

"Being the biggest name in fantasy gaming since 1974, D&D has always attracted more than its share of players who didn't really like it in the first place and wanted to 'fix' it in ways that shredded its very soul." James Maliszewski

"I don't eat. I don't need to eat. When I do eat, I eat rocket fuel." "Bill"

"I eat rope. By the transitive property I could eat a guy named Rope." Mike Gravel

"Whoa, hold on! Are you saying that, should Obama be elected, all the white people won't be put on ships and deported to Africa?" Michael Clear

"Eating snakes is just as bad as being gay." Artemis

"Beowulf makes so much more sense in a tree." Amanda

"He kept throwing up. Until I killed him." Qwerty

"Develop AI, Orbital Mind Control, Google Football League, Buy New Zealand, Build Singularity, Crop Circles, Elimination of Evil." Google's Corporate Goals

"Note that this method works in any game that is awesome." Jeff Rients

"Being born is like being kidnapped. And then sold into slavery." William Shakespeare

"Facing the terrible trio is like some bizarre surrealist dream, where you're in battle against a law firm composed entirely of Egyptian gods and former high school mascots." Scipio

"Bah! Three little boys can't defeat the President! Riding a robot spider!" Franklin D. Roosevelt

"Not releasing Thundarr on DVD is an ongoing crime against awesome." Jeff Rients

"If religion is the opiate of the people, is UU the methadone of the people?" BlackBoc

"If they did three or four more National Treasure movies, getting more and more ridiculous, and then had a movie where Nicolas Cage was running around swearing that the Egyptian Pyramids were put up by Abraham Lincoln as a clue to where Mark Twain hid Franklin Pierce's fabulous treasures, and everyone in the movie called him crazy, and then he was wrong? That would be amazing." Montykins

"....right or wrong? I so want to see that movie now.

Just to see the pyramids start rotating when they push the right sequence of stones just after the put the giant counterweight on the Sphinx to make up for the missing nose that opens the Masonic cache that leads down into the Nile Chamber where the ancient dumbwaiter lowers them into Harriet Tubman's Underground Railroad to Riches." Eric Burns


  1. "He kept throwing up. Until I killed him."

    WHY did I say this? I can't remember the context at ALL. I remember I said it, and you quoted me on it, but I don't remember what else was going on.

  2. You were parapharsing me. I'd just described how I'd uninstalled Ruckus because it kept crashing.