Friday, September 07, 2007

Still Not Done With the Topic

A few more thoughts on the September podcast.

It's interesting that they talk about D&D in terms of story issues, and how the mechanics support or undermine those. It's very close to the idea that I'm familiar with, that emulation is a primary goal of roleplaying. Telling brand new stories is often less effective than retelling stories everyone really loves in new ways, and the rules need to be able to support the assumptions you need to tell those stories.

Also: copper pieces are there so you can laugh at the peasants. Look at World of Warcraft. Low-level players use copper pieces so the high level, gold-using players can laugh at them.

Building in the assumption of non-basic book core classes and races into the game from the beginning is cool.

They talk about psionics. Will Incarnum be in the new edition? At this or a later date? That's a book I have, never used, really want to, and unfortunately don't see how I'm going to in the near future. And that makes me sad, because it's a really, really cool system.

Similar question on the Tome of Magic front, because the classes and subsystems there are also very cool, and I've used them a little bit but not quite in the way I'd like.

I assume The Book of Nine Swords classes are going to be updated at some point (because the Wizards people seem to like them, based on the groups they've talked about on the website) and their general philosophy is informing aspects of the new edition.

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