Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How did it get into the library?

1 Deliberately entered via a spell, such as summon library. If the creature is not of the appropriate type/level to cast the spell on its own, someone cast it for them. 25% chance in this case that the passageway is still accessible somewhere on the level.
2 Born here
3-6 Made here (1-2 recently 3-6 in ages long past, now best forgotten)
7-8 Wandered in accidentally through a spontaneous entrance from one of the usual places. (1-3 old section of a mundane library where no one's been recently 4 wizard graveyard 5 magic forest 6 anywhere constructed with or with furniture made of wood pilfered from a magic forest (or stone pilfered from a wizard graveyard)*) 10% chance the passageway is still accessible somewhere on this level.
9 It's always been here
10 The PCs are somehow responsible

*not a recommended building material


  1. Does summon library come from a later edition!? Did you just make that up! That is awesome in so many ways.

  2. It's a spell that doesn't exist yet, but should if I'm ever going to run this thing. See the Infinite Library, from my last post:

    I should note that this table doesn't include the major ways that people get into the library deliberately, partly because I haven't decided entirely how they do that and partly because this is a table for determining how random creature X came to be wandering through the level. A deliberate, continuous entrance method will tend to define the ecology of an entire level.

  3. 11. Walked out of a book, a character in search of an author, or Wishbone in reverse if you will.

  4. 12. Generated from the collected belief in the character of a famous and well-loved book. This being is usually rather confused by the library as it does not fit the world it expects to find.

  5. I read your last post, and the idea of an infinite library is cool, but as you mention not new. The idea of a doddering mage in a dungeon summoning a rack of scrolls or a desk with heavy tomes chained to it in order to figure out an inscription seems fresh to me. So thanks. Makes me wonder what other surprising things might be summoned by a caster.