Monday, March 28, 2011

Current RPG Projects

Go-Anywhere, Play-Anywhen Megadungeon Binder. I had one of these but I've misplaced it and I've got a better idea of how to put the notes together for it now anyway. I want to be able to run one-shots for random people as needed, and I'd love to be able to run a semi-regular large player group game, and this would fit both purposes. (Simultaneously, even.) Still trying to decide whether to go with the underworld theme or the infinite library theme.

The Moleskine Notebook Game. I've owed Trollsmyth a solo game for a while now, and I've sort of slowly been scribbling notes into the notebook in question for it. The big thing that needs to happen is I need to sit down and really figure out what I'm doing with the magic system, and then the rest of it should come together. Unfortunately this one is still probably going to have to sit on the back-burner for a while.

Pathfinder. I've been really impressed by the Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide and I want to give this version of my erstwhile system a shot. Bunch of ideas floating around here, basically around four themes. (1) There are a bunch of crazy subsystems and supplements I never got to use in my first 3.5e go-round. Psionics, The Book of Nine Swords, some of the bloodline stuff from Unearthed Arcana, and a few others. (2) I've got a couple of setting ideas that would fit really well with some 3.5e/Pathfinder specific stuff -- sorcerer bloodlines in particular. (3) It might be nice to make a fairly "normal" D&D-type fantasy setting for once. (4) Dang, if sword & sworcery isn't rad. Not sure yet exactly what combination of all that I'm going to end up with.

This is, of course, not including the game I'm currently running or the several games I'm playing with Trollsmyth.


  1. (3) It might be nice to make a fairly "normal" D&D-type fantasy setting for once. (4) Dang, if sword & sworcery isn't rad.

    Some would argue those two are mutually exclusive, but I imagine your view is otherwise?

  2. I suppose. I rarely encounter any sort of D&D type game that isn't #3. Sigh. :(

  3. trollsmyth: Considering how much my view of what's "normal" for D&D has been shaped by the OSR? Heck no. Though I did originally phrase that as "but dang, if sword & sorcery isn't rad," just 'cause the obvious option for "normal D&D-type fantasy" is Tolkienesque renfaire nonsense.

    Barking Alien: And closest thing I've run or been in to what I would consider a "standard" campaign is the game I ran using Keep on the Shadowfell the summer 4e came out. Building a city like that of my own is the kind of thing I'd probably only do once, but it might still be worth doing.

  4. Oddysey: Then I'll be very curious to see what that looks like in your hands.

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