Friday, December 10, 2010

A Few Points of Clarification

I want to make clear: I respect Grognardia and most of what James Maliszewski writes there. I wouldn't have linked to him or taken the time to respond to his post if I didn't. I take issue with the specific comments he made because of the atmosphere they encourage. Furries get flack from everyone, I personally don't feel any need to add to it, and I wish more people felt the same way. The anger in that post was triggered more by the comments than the post itself, which, yeah, isn't entirely fair to Maliszewski because his comments section is usually a mess anyway.


  1. James seems like a good guy and I read his blog daily. I usually don't hit "subscribe" when I comment there, though - not because I shun disagreement, but because the popularity of the blog has led to a forum-like signal-to-noise ratio in the comments section.

    I find furries funny, but I find any obsessive fandom funny, including my own. We do shit that normal people consider weird, we strap on our pads, and we take our lumps. It has always been thus.

    The Serious Gamers are the most lol-producing of the bunch, btw. I derive more cackles from one blog post about someone's Serious Gaming than an entire flash drive full of regrettable slashfic and anthrocon pictures.

  2. It's a damn shame that you feel any kind of pressure to have to clarify in the first place.

  3. Mostly I don't want to become a lightning rod for unfocused Grognardia-hate here, which isn't my intention. While I take issue with some of the stuff he said, dude gets enough of that as it is. And I like my nice respectful blog comments crowd. Y'all are great.

    The funniest thing about this whole business to me is that people are, quite reasonably, assuming that I'm jumping up to defend my own fandom, when I'm like, man, I wish. I'm a twice-a-week semi-freeform gamer who's dropped out of a chat game because it wasn't serious enough for my immersion-obsessed tastes. I wish I was something as normal as furry. Those people have conventions. I would never get nearly as worked up about my own stuff. It's deservedly ridiculous. Furries I feel like get enough serious you-freaky-pervert flack that someone's got to go to bat for them occasionally.

  4. Yes, after all, the gaming community should understand how it sucks to have your whole community tarred by the brush of a few extremists within that community (steam tunnel panic anyone?). Some furries are crazy, some gamers are crazy, but the mainstream of both groups are pretty interesting.

  5. > I wish I was something as normal as furry.

    Never that! Be yourself!

  6. @ Odd:

    Personally, I thought your comments on the Grognardia post were on the money...and I'm not someone who generally ascribes to over-kill in the political correctness arena.

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