Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here's What I'm Working on Now


Dreamlands critters have a whole soul.
- can't divide soul from body
- can't invest soul into objects
(permanent and temporary)

Those who work magic tend to have a handful of innate abilities that they can always access.
- Improve & expand abilities through meditation and adventure
- Exploration of the quality of their souls and themselves
- Use of these abilities leads to exhaustion rather than insanity
- Restored through rest, meditation
Sometimes special ceremonies?


  1. TEASE! ;D

    Sounds awesome. So what, exactly, is the dreamlands? I get visions of a shamanistic spiritual plane, but I know others have envisioned a psychic land fashioned by the unconscious interconnection of all minds or souls.

  2. More like the former than the latter, I think. It's a bit like your Fey in that it's "next door" to the usual world, and closely related to it in some ways. It's the part of creation that still works more-or-less that way the whole thing used to -- much more non-linear and less regulated -- and where all the critters who don't like or take well to the new rules ended up. But neither plane is really independent from each other.

  3. So, in practice, spirit world/Fey. It's not unusual or particularly dangerous (relatively speaking) for sorcerers to visit it in spirit. It's not unheard of, but significantly more dangerous, for mortals to end up in it physically, but that's usually unintentional. Usually.

  4. Neat. Does it map at all over the "normal" world?

    And now you're inviting all sorts of questions about why the rules changed, who changed them... ;)

  5. More or less, yeah. Some places much better than others.

    And yes. Yes, I am. ;)

  6. I think I'm missing an earlier piece of the puzzle, but definitely interesting.