Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Coolest Thing That Happened at GenCon

So it turns out that I'm an idiot. I was completely and utterly wrong about there being no old school vendor presence at GenCon. Over on RPG Blog 2 there are some pictures of Raggi's stuff at the IPR booth, and there was a whole mess of Swords & Wizardry and OSRIC material available at the Expeditious Retreat Press booth. It was awesome.

But being an idiot worked out pretty well for me, because it meant that we dropped by on the last day of the con, once I'd figured out how terribly wrong I was. (Thanks to everyone who commented on that post last week!) We met Jon Hershberger, co-founder of Black Blade Publishing, who was very impressed with how well-worn my copy of Swords & Wizardry was. We were flipping through OSRIC modules and A Magical Society: Silk Road when another gamer showed up and started asking Hershberger about Swords & Wizardry, and what old school modules he'd recommend running with it. A certain, oddly familiar gamer...

I was there when Erik Mona bought a copy of Swords & Wizardry! Which was extra-cool because Trollsmyth and I had spent a lot of our first day in the dealer hall chatting about how neat Paizo's booth was, what makes their business model so interesting, and how awesome it was that they were clearly there to sell product and support people gaming. Not only did their booth contain huge stacks of their rulebooks and an entire wall of adventures, they'd gotten some third party gaming accessories lined up as well. Everything you need to run a kick-ass game of Pathfinder right there.

Gamers gaming, man. Actual people playing the games they want to play. As geek-out worthy as that picture is, that's what's really worth getting exciting about.


  1. Hi, the link to pictures of Raggi's things is uh, a more personal link I think. Thought I'd give you a heads up asap.

  2. Whoops! Thanks. That's what I get for working on blog posts on my lunch break. No need to inflict medical data entry info on all you fine people.

  3. Twas indeed a cool booth. I got one thing from each side - a Knockspell mag, copy of Tomb of the Iron God, and a really neat looking CD full of dressing and design ideas for dungeons and caverns, including input from geologists and spelunkers.

  4. Your picture is getting around.

  5. Oddysey -
    Thanks again for the great pic! It was great to meet you and trollsmyth and to visit about the exciting things happening for old school gamers.

    I hope to see you again next year at GenCon. Perhaps we can meet up for some gaming in Indy!

    Jon "tacojohn" Hershberger
    Black Blade Publishing

    WHATS APP: +2347012841542

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