Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snowflake the Techno-Plant (This is Boytoy's Valentine's Day Present)

Snowflake the Techno-Plant
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 11
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 18
Willpower: 14
Charisma: 16

HP: 58

Dermal Poison Slime (7d6 damage, save half)
Epidermal Susceptibility (Fire)
Negative Empathy
Quick Mind
Tripping Tendrils
Abnormal Size (1/20th normal)

The upshot: it's about 4" tall, is about as good as it's possible to be at figuring out new technology, and a significant minority of the people it meets immediately try to kill it for no reason.

Poor Snowflake.

In other news, I adore random character generation.


  1. Four inches?!?

    Have I mentioned lately that you two are very odd?

    Happy Valentine's Day to you both. :D

  2. Snowflake's size was determined entirely at random. Odd time to roll a twenty.

    And funny; I showed this to him and he thought the same about me. ;)