Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! Have a Sonnet!

Adventure seems to be at hand at last
So long has been the week since we last played
Our cola and Doritos well arrayed
Our DM summons us to vistas vast
Where we will find a dragon to harrass
A might foe to fight with spell and blade
We'll likely only do it if we're paid
We're unwashed thieving bastards unsurpassed
But more than jewels and triumphs have we gained
And fiercer feats than dragons have we dared
Within us greater wonders do abound
We count the craft of worlds in our domain
No better gods than friendship have we found
Those worlds that most keep private we have shared


  1. A poet and a GM! You are a woman of many talents!

    Ever use you poetic powers as a plot device? Strange scrolls found in a dungeon that lead the party unwittingly to their imminent doom?

    A scroll that spells ... ... TPK!

    But only if they figure it out of course.

    Hope your new year starts out well. A man at my friendly local video store always says, "Everything will be fine in 2009."

    I'm a cynic, but I hope he's right.

  2. "We're unwashed thieving bastards unsurpassed"

    This line is so getting stolen.

    - Brian

  3. John: I did use a set of poems for a prophecy once. Makes for a good way to signal that it's important.

    I hope your video store guy is right, too. I'm cautiously optimistic about 2009 -- though mostly on the gaming front.

    Brian: Steal away!