Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Random World Generation Official Verdict: Awesome

Planets I have made so far:
  • D79A65-7 S NI Wa. Gola Tau. Run by the engineers who keep the environment bubbles working. They will challenge you to duels!
  • C683589-8 A NI. Degenerate agrarian communists. Currently being pestered by one of their neighbors (to be decided, as I fill in the sector) who keeps trying to set up a puppet government to take them over.
  • C7838AF-4 S P Ri Lt Amber. Deutsches Reich. They got hold of some old Nazi propaganda tapes, liked what they saw, and now they have tourists swarming all over what the travel agency calls "Hitler World."
  • E2108CE-4 P Lt Na. Holo. Religious nuts trying to keep their atmosphere generators together with duct tape.
  • C555300-6 Ga Lo NI. Sukka. A bunch of Heinlein-ian farmers, mostly notable for the guy calling himself "the King of Cold" who keeps bothering space travelers and trying to set up his own little kingdom.
  • B000A53-14 N T I As Hi Ht In Na Va Red. Hox Anoth. Alien space arcology that the Imperium (or whatever) desperately does not want to antagonize.
So yeah, I'd say I'm having fun. No group together to play it yet, but I'm working on it. It may take me a week or two to get the sector sketched out anyway.


  1. OK, you need to stop with these Traveler posts, because I'm seriously thinking about getting it now, even though I've got more than enough going on in terms of games I want to run, it would just be another one on the list.

  2. Oh man, yeah, the list. There's no way I needed to get Traveller -- I'm not even finished with 3rd edition, all the crap I've got for that I've never used -- but the new edition let me combine my existing interest (courtesy of Dr. Rotwang!) in Trav with my obsession with shiny new books. Obviously I'm glad I got the book, but between GURPS and Feng Shui and Iron Heroes and 3rd and 4th edition D&D, not to mention all the other games I don't yet own . . .

    Yeah. I'm never going to be able to run everything I want to run. Great hobby, but it's such an efficient obsession generator.