Monday, June 09, 2008

Damn Shifty Kobolds

Played me some 4th Edition D&D last night. We basically just ran through the first encounter in Keep on the Shadowfell, and then the PCs tooled around Winterhaven long enough to figure out where to go next. Character creation took over three hours, next time we'll get through a lot more game.

It was fun. The encounter was pretty well designed (and I've picked up a few tricks in that area from the module) and we were able to keep rule look ups relatively fast and infrequent. I described the scene a little better than usual, and everyone had fun moving their minis (lego, for the PCs, and paper on pennies for the kobolds) around the mat and laying the smackdown.

Kobolds are a lot of fun. One of the players had heard rumors of their vile shiftiness, and those rumors turned out to be all too true. The dragonshields were the most irritating -- the fighter had a hard time getting close enough to them to hit. ("They'll shift! They'll shift! Box them in!") I should have reminded them to use action points; that would have been a good use for them, and made things a bit easier.

The party currently consists of Liam Nate Boniface Andrews, an Eladrin ranger, Stonefist Aleboot, dwarven fighter, Takom, human wizard, Scourge, half-elf warlock, Brandis, human cleric, and Thyme Flyse, half-elf rogue. (Whose player has posted her own session recap.)

The characters are still pretty sketchy, this being the first session, and a short one at that. Highlights include: Stonefist's name is on account of being descended from two destroyed clans; he took both to honor their memories. Thyme Flyse has hers because her parents have "a bad sense of humor." Scourge distinguised himself by asking around for the exact population of Winterhaven, because he "wanted to have options. Lots of options."

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