Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Additional 4e Game Notes

Maggie and Qwerty, playing Thyme and Scourge respectively, have both written their own recaps of last night's game. Maggie has been writing regularly about the game, if you're interested in more detailed recaps and quotes.

Which I appreciate, a lot, because while I like having a general record of what happened in the game I wrote ridiculously detailed accounts of the game myself for the last campaign I ran, and I'm just not interested in doing it right now. They're more interesting when players do them, anyway. And it gives me a very good idea of what my players actually think is interesting.

I also neglected to mention that, on Sunday, I had everyone tell me where their character was from, originally, before they got to Fallcrest, where their mentor is from and where they met up before heading to Winterhaven. A good way to get people into the game, and I'll probably make it a habit. I'd sent out an e-mail with the question ahead of time, so the people inclined to give that sort of thing thought could take their time. The most table time it took was spent on looking at the campaign map and figuring out where "the nearest mountains are" and things like that.

I'm using the basic campaign map that comes in the back of the Dungeon Master's Guide. I'm really quite enamored of it, and it's been very eye-opening. I always had an idea, in theory, of how to make a region map, but . . . examples, man. This is a pretty decent example. It says to me "draw some terrain on a map, and give it a name. Then draw some dots on the map, and give them names." Simple, easy, I should have thought of it before but much clearer now that I have it front of me.

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