Saturday, April 19, 2008

What I Want to Play, In No Particular Order

  • Eberron
    • human dragonmarked artificer of House d'Cannith
    • elven wizard from Aerenal
  • a megadungeon
  • fast cars and the idiots who drive them
  • pirates!
  • interplanetary sailing ships with that baroque/victorian feel, "aether" and the spinning models of the solar system and everything
    • perhaps a captain of a ship like that
    • or an aether surfer, something like Ray Tracer
  • Tamriel (Elder Scrolls Setting)
  • ancient desert ruins
  • Promethean: The Created (though I'm a bit off White Wolf, at the moment, for non-game related reasons)
  • Exalted (same caveat as above)
    • dawn caste/other fight-y solar using those artifact throwing ring thingies
    • freedom fighter against the corrupt dragon-whatever government
    • maybe another solar type, or another exalt entirely, since I don't know much about the world
  • Vampire (again, same caveat)
    • Malkavian!
    • or one of those annoyingly pretentious artist types
  • Werewolf (yet again, same caveat) (also, assuming it's possible to play this as something other than "science is evil" eco-terrorists)
  • Girl Genius
  • kitchen sink post-apocalyptic: "wizards, dinosaurs, mutants & lasers"
  • something like the setting of Jak 2, and the parts of 3 that weren't stupid
  • something sandbox-y
  • a halfling wizard, specializing in rays


  1. Werewolf: the Forsaken isn't "science is evil / eco-terrorism"

    It's pretty much nothing like Apocalypse.

  2. Hmm. Good to know. I haven't much kept up on the new World of Darkness, and most of my knowledge of the old one was based on hearsay anyway.