Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Finding old notes is Awesome

I just discovered that I have this huge mess o' roleplaying stuff on my hard drive. I went through a period where I thought I had to do massive write ups for campaigns, so I have all these (unfinished) documents detailing various aspects of campaigns that I never actually ran. And I still have all the material I prepared digitally, for the campaigns that I did actually end up running. So there's a rather larger number of documents in my "Old Roleplaying" folder than I expected to find when I opened it.

Some of it is pretentious and lame. Like how I went through a period--that only lasted for one campaign, thankfully--where I decided that the thing to do about the races was to give them all different names. Elves become akkan and so on. I don't know why I thought this was a good idea.

Some of it is . . . interesting. I'd forgotten that I'd once had the idea of running a campaign that revolved around empires run by characters with bloodlines. I got about halfway through the list, detailing the kinds of empires each had, or the role they played in other empires. I'm actually sort of intrigued by it, so much so that I might finish the rest of the entries, and touch up what's already there. I'll never get to run the campaign, but I find that campaign design can be a past time of its own.

Mostly it's just gotten me kind of nostalgic. I've got the notes for the first adventure I ever ran. The only one I ever made a flow chart for. It's 7 pages of notes, filled with science nonsense, acronyms I don't understand, and detailed encounter descriptions that, if memory serves, I completely ignored.

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