Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm thinking about running a sequel campaign. A couple of the players from the Is This Fair? . . . thing . . . want me to, and I think it could be kind of interesting. So I'm currently trying to figure out how to do that, in between the Massive Amounts of Stuff! that I have to do.

I ran another sequel campaign, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. And it was bad. Incredibly, indescribably, horrifyingly bad. But probably for reasons unrelated to its sequel-ness. I hope.

Mostly it was just kind of incoherent. I did a lot of prep for it, but didn't end up actually using any of it in the game. And there were incomprehensible scavenger hunts, revolving around ducks. Bad, bad, bad.

But this sequel, while I'm wary of muddling up the general awesomeness that was the original campaign, I think could work. Maybe, possibly. Currently pondering ways to increase the chances of that happening. The big one so far? Make it distinct. Set it years later, make significant changes to the characters (but keep as many of those old characters as possible) and make the action center on something very different from the original one.

Also: come up with a better name for the dang thing.


  1. Yeah, probably keep that in some form or another, but "Is This Fair?" ended up having no real relevance to the game. Or comparatively little, at least. I'm thinking I'd like to make the next name a little more evocative.

  2. well you can't always know where the plots going. but with a sequel you actually might have a better idea.

    um, if that sentence didn't completely contradict its own meaning.

    maybe "Captain Blank finds another Dimension, and nearly dies"

  3. or "Captain Blank gets in a fight with another dimension, and nearly dies."

  4. Or perhaps a sequel title could answer the age old questions.

    "Is This Fair? Is It?"

    "No, It's Really Not."

  5. 25th level? Paerk could heal *the entire world*.