Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Things That Amused Me Today

Wicked sweet.

All kinds of incredible random generators. Names, treasure, nonsensical swearing, you name it.

The only trouble with this site is that I can see how it might be easy to get distracted.

In other news: Clinton Airs Attack Adds . . . Targeting Herself


  1. This site won't be complete until it has a script to randomly generate random generators.


  2. Likely not. That might actually be worth learning to program for.

  3. Ah, but first you'd have to come up with a grammar for random generators, and that kind of meta-meta thinking might just explode the world.

  4. Hey, I noticed you on my referrer list for Abulafia. Welcome! Please, poke around, and when you're ready, get yourself an account and start contributing generators. If I may ask, how did you run across Abulafia?


  5. I just now notice the rest of the comments . . . gee.

    Thanks for the official welcome, though. I found Abulafia through the link on the side of Jeff's Game Blog. Source of much gaming-related excellence.