Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Quotes IV

"My wizards are always taking off their clothes so they can cast spells." quantumelfmage

"Who equips their service cherubs with laser-beam eyes?" qwertyuiopasd

"The Presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman." Mitt Romney

"I'm willing to bet that the phrase "a really strange D&D campaign" conjures up a much more vivid image for most of my readers than "a really strange toaster." You know what to expect from the typical D&D game." Mike Mearls

“It’s hard to choose favorites among the lords of hell. Mephistopheles I think has the coolest name.” James Wyatt

"The effectiveness of schools isn't evaluated by kids (who are usually well aware of how poorly the system works), but by teachers and parents, who've bought into the system." Mark Rosenfelder

"Turns out that even if you’re a snake, and even if you’re on fire, adventurers will still kill you." Logan Bonner

"I game mostly because I never get to kill apemen in real life; I hate apemen and I was born to kill them. Therefore, gaming allows me to fufill my destiny." Aos on theRPGsite

"Any time a French word comes into play in an English-language discussion, you can be sure there are some class dynamics." Douglas Wolk

"The great thing about space cowboys is that they imply space cows." qwertyuiopasd

"Elves would make good cowboys. Especially in space." qwertyuiopasd

"We'll be starting the campaign in media res, which is Latin for 'Look out! TIE Fighters are zapping your ship!'" Jeff Rients

"If you can't knock buildings down, then it's not a real game." Godzilla

"Lunch: Something called a 'sombrero salad,' but it contained no actual hat." Jane Espenson

"This is not fanfic; it's focus [is] on using the characters to tell stories, not telling stories about the characters." Scipio

"Give me that chair! I'm a hundred and seven!" Aunt Muriel

"Is there a plan or do we just shoot things at random?" Deadshot

"There's nothing ironic about Hitler." Jon

"Quiet, you fool! That's how the Great Guam Fracas of '97 began." Mark Rogaski

"I match all donations -- so if you like my writing donate; if you HATE me, then donate MORE, and bankrupt me with your hate!" John Rogers

"Extinction, irrevocable loss of a species, causes pain that can never find relief. It is an ache that will pass from generation to generation for the rest of human history." Callum Roberts

"Hostility towards Microsoft is not difficult to find on the Net, and it blends two strains: resentful people who feel Microsoft is too powerful, and disdainful people who think it's tacky. This is all strongly reminiscent of the heyday of Communism and Socialism, when the bourgeoisie were hated from both ends: by the proles, because they had all the money, and by the intelligentsia, because of their tendency to spend it on lawn ornaments." Neal Stephenson

"There are no rules." Alberto Gonzales

"Treat people like idiots and they'll act accordingly; give them real power and they'll adjust to it." Mark Rosenfelder

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