Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Outlaws Core Story

You’re an outlaw. You’re a robot, or a mutant, or just be some punk kid with your head screwed on wrong. You’ve got guns, you’ve got the wasteland, you’ve got hacker skills and psychic powers.

The other guys have everything else. They’ve got armies, they’ve got technology, and they’ve got power. But mostly what they’ve got is stuff.

Outlaws is about breaking stuff.

See, I was fiddling with the idea of doing an Outlaws remake. Putting together some outlines for rules modifications I'd like to use. Thinking back on that campaign, and thinking about why it was fun. And reading some stuff on the internet.

I happened to come across a mention of "computer controlled trash cans." Which, of course, would have been exactly the kind of thing to turn into a crazy awesome session. Naturally, "computer controlled" would have meant"controlled by the city mainframe, and connected to the internet." And naturally, as soon as the PCs heard that, they would have hacked into them and started wreaking trash-related havoc.

I think that was one of the major things that made that game fun. The Republic had all this stuff, and the PCs were always hacking into it, or destroying it, usually with some inane scheme. As long as it stuck to that, it was fun. When it didn't, it was . . . less fun.

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