Friday, February 23, 2007

Too Many Thoughts To Think

I have way too many things zipping around inside my head right now.

The campaign I'm running. The character I'm working on for the school campaign. The school campaign itself, since I've been helping the GM brainstorm. Lord of the Rings, which I'm reading. A fantasy novel of my own

It's that last item that's been causing the trouble. I came up with this concept for how magic would work while I was watching the Lord of the Rings movies. It combines some things I came up with years ago, going back to fourth grade, with some ideas I had earlier this year. And then I started really thinking about it, and the implications of it, and I threw in some characters, and it just sort of obviously led to this neat climax. Well, not climax, because it doesn't come at the end. It comes towards the beginning, and it's what makes everything else that comes after it really bad.

So now when I sit down to do campaign prep, I keep getting distracted by this fantasy novel. Or fantasy something, anyway. It demands to be written. And I've already got a lot going on.

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