Wednesday, October 11, 2006


More going through my bookmarks file, because I have that sinking feeling that I ought to be doing something productive. A feeling that I'm going to ignore.

Bug Me Not is a nifty site. One that I should use more often. It just never occurs to me. Basically, it allows you to log into all those sites that want you to register for no particular reason (, say . . . ) by letting you use a dummy registration set up for general use. It's a database of these things. Definitely an asset for revolutionary activities.

I really can't say anything about this site, other than that it's a good boredom activity, and that it's immensely freaky. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS! Basically it's a whole list of simple activities that will make you look like a loon.

Things you never wanted to know about the world, at Google's Zeitgeist. The Big List of things people are searching for. Top ten, that deal. Some of them make sense. Some of them . . . don't.

Just a bunch of personality tests. Basically useless. Found it through the Sims personality, test. It was a forum.

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