Thursday, August 11, 2011

Superhero Rejects

These are the guys our GM won't let us play:

The Boozer, who can control alcohol the way some heroes control water or fire, and creates an aura of drunkenness whenever he consumes alcohol. He can't get drunk himself. He finds this vexing.

Sanity Man, who psychoanalyzes people by punching them.

The Gecko, who has all the power's of a six-year-old's conception of a gecko. He can climb on walls, has a very long tongue, and an aura of fear.

There are more, but we couldn't come up with amusing enough names, so I've forgotten them.


  1. The Gecko should team up with Ax Cop. They could fight crime!

  2. Here's mine:

    The Moonlighter, who mastered over 33 professions while putting himself through art school.

    Muskegoman, who can dimensionally transport himself to March 23, 1970 in Muskegon, Illinois for up to 24 hours at a time and bring the mysterious wonders of the past back with him.

  3. The Woodsman - Super strength in contact with wood only. Can lift a redwood tree. Can smash through the wall of a log cabin. Once threw a toothpick with pin point accuracy 300 ft. and imbedded it into a car door. Bonk him on the head with a glass vase and he's out cold.

    Pet Shop Boy - Can shape change into any domesticated animal under 150 lbs.

    Suds (aka Mr. Bubbles) - Can generate soap bubbles from any and all pores on his body...At Will!

    The Operator - She can contact any phone number, as long as she knows it, with her mind. No one hears the call or the ringing but her.

    Tin Man - Can convert his skin into tin. Yeah.

    Snapshot and Shutter - twins brothers. Snapshot can freeze you in place for one second. Shutter can teleport 1 inch in any direction. Both men find repeated, rapid use of their powers extremely taxing.

    All PCs from an old Champions game. Huzzah!

  4. I don't understand - is there a house rule that PCs can't be too awesome?

  5. I actually don't remember forbidding Sanity Man, but at that point I might have just been saying no to anything qem said. :P