Saturday, April 10, 2010

7th Sea: The Last Report

So the 7th Sea game ended a couple of weeks ago. Though it wasn't without its frustrations, overall I'm pretty happy to have been involved with it. A couple of observations:
  • Play-by-post isn't quite my speed. While I love text play, chat is really what fits my style. I like regular weekly sessions; with PBP, the required time commitment is kind of hard to gauge, since the amount I can and should post varies a lot based on what's going on in-game. And it's hard to get really immersed in the scenario, which is a big deal for me. I suspect I could really get into a PBP solo game, since it would always be absolutely clear whose turn it was, but that might be kind of dangerous.
  • I have a really weird play-style, and it's all Trollsmyth's fault.
  • I need to play more male characters. They're fun, and educational. "Oh. That's what it feels like when a girl laughs at you."
  • Low wisdom characters are fantastic. But I knew that already.
  • I need to remember to encourage players to build connections between their characters to begin with, because the results are so great for my style of play. This is something that happens pretty naturally in a tabletop game, at least the way I run them: I'll put aside a session for character creation, and the players will talk story and background while one or two people fiddle with the book. But it does need a little extra push online, where everything seems so formal, and people don't necessarily all know each other.
  • I'm going to miss Alasdair. Which is new and exciting sensation: I've never played a campaign long enough, or had a character interesting enough, to really be sad when I stopped being able to play him anymore. But Alasdair still had so much excellent drama to angst about and be stupid over.
  • God, Alasdair was dumb.

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  1. I like PbP because I cannot set aside the block of time needed for chat based games, but I can see your point.

    Glad that you had fun. And it is good to hear of a PbP game properly ending, not just winding down and dying as too often happens.